FEMASCO Mali presents roadmap for 2023

One of CSITs youngest members from the African continent presented their plans and goals for the upcoming year in an promising report.

The concept is based on the basic idea of sports and it's biggest strength. Convinced that the sports event is a privileged tool of communication and human resources management thanks to the team spirit, performance, competition, and or surpassing oneself, and that today the modern company sees sport as a real instrument of mobilization and adhesion of the personnel. The values conveyed by sport are potentially an added value any company and organisation as well all all people. Besides their plans to further develop the movement, FEMASCO also plans a number of sports events:

  • 6th edition of the Corpo Futsal Championship
  • 2nd edition of the Mali Futsal Corpo Cup
  • 1st edition of the inter-ministerial Futsal Tournament
  • 1st edition of the Futsal Cup of the unions
  • 1st edition of the national games of Corporate Sports with 6 to 7 sports disciplines

CSIT plays an important role in this plan as globally active partner. At the 44th CSIT Congress FEMASCO President Mr. Boubacar Doumbia had the chance to present his organisation and goals and had fruitful discussions with CSIT president Bruno Molea.

Find below the whole program for 2023 in french:

1. december 2022 / Partner News

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