CSIT is dedicated to fairness in all sports. In order to maintain a fair competition in accordance with CSIT’s values, we promote the fight against performance-enhancing drugs in sports. In fact, CSIT, even as Sports for All - Confederation, is a signatory of the World Anti-Doping Code and works in close coordination with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as their partner. CSIT shares WADA’s vision of creating “a world where all athletes can participate in a doping-free sporting environment.”

WADA was set up as a foundation with the support of the IOC and other institutions, including intergovernmental organizations, public authorities and governments. It was established on 10 November 1999 to protect athletes and preserve the spirit of sport internationally. To this day, the Agency is composed and funded by the sport movement and governments of the world.

In order to participate at the CSIT World Sports Games (WSG), every athlete has to sign a consent form stating that they understand and respect the CSIT Anti-Doping Rules. During the WSG, athletes might be tested. Competent Doping Control Officers will perform the anti-doping test and the samples collected will be sent to WADA accredited laboratories for analysis. CSIT will determine the number of Athletes to be tested in accordance with the CSIT Anti-Doping Rules. The coach of the athlete is requested to accompany the athlete during the doping test. Athletes must identify themselves by showing their ID card or passport.

CSIT advises athletes to notice the necessity of a Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE). If you have already a Therapeutic Use Exemption, please inform CSIT. If you do not have a Therapeutic Use Exemption, please contact CSIT at

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