CSIT meets Fitkid

Fitkid as possible sports event in the framework of CSIT

The European Division Fitkid organized in December their 8th European Championships and 1st Acro Dance European Open Cup in Naykanizsa (Hungary). CSIT was invited in the person of Sports Director Harold van Hest to discuss possibilities of Fitkit within CSIT and to define common possible goals. One of the key questions was how CSIT can support Fitkid and serve as a platform for further expansion outside Europe.

CSIT was able to get a comprehensive picture of Fitkid through Harold van Hest during the European Championships. The level of the athletes and the event is very high. Fitkid is a very attractive gymnastics discipline due to the combination of music and choreography, also for the audience. During the four days, more than 800 athletes from Hungary, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ireland and Poland participated. The largest delegation was Spain with more than 200 athletes.

Harold van Hest will analyse in the coming CSIT meetings whether Fitkid can be held within the framework of CSIT championships. One possibility is to hold individual championships as part of CSIT Gymnastics in years when there are no CSIT World Sports Games. Currently, the European Fitkid Division organises European Championships once a year, which are scheduled to take place in Spain in October 2023. Fitkid has been in existence for 25 years and is currently in the process of increasing its membership even further and is therefore also showing great interest in gaining a foothold in the CSIT.

Fitkid Division is an independent organisation and can therefore issue its own certificates for coaches and jury members, but has followed the rules of the CSIT to certify coaches and jury members. It is a jury sport and also very intense for the jury. Most of the jury members are on duty for four days. In Hungary there were eight jury members. Four judged the technique, four judged the choreography.

23. january 2023 / Partner News

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