Who are we?

We are an international multi-sports organization, founded 1913 in Ghent/Belgium and based on the historic ideas of the international labor movement. Within the last decades, we have reoriented ourselves and become a broad-based international Sport for All - Confederation with more than 200 million members. By organizing major sports events worldwide, establishing international networking platforms, engagement in EU projects and developing educational programs we are led by one guiding principle:

Spirit of Sports - Spirit of Unity

In international sport, the CSIT network plays an important role as a starting point and training platform for future world-class athletes. Numerous current and former Olympic athletes who have made it to Olympic medal honours have their roots in CSIT member organizations.

On our mission to make the world a better place through sports, we can count on the support of more than 80 Members from 60 countries and 35 Partners of the world of Sports for All. Join us and be part of the change!

our mission


CSIT is the founder of the CSIT World Sports Games (WSG) and develops the WSG to international amateur sports games in view of the dimension of our original International Workers' Olympiads. Thus we offer all non-professional athletes a sustainable and unique stage for competition in a spirit of friendship and global citizenship.

Mission & Values


Spirit of sport

We enable for all our members positive sports experience. The primary focus of our sports activities is on the joy of physical activity with a positive spirit.


We are independent and focus our activities exclusively on sports and promote sport for all without political and denominational interests.


We are committed to high quality sports activities. We want sport for all organized in a professional manner relying on highly-skilled people.

Passion & responsibility

We are committed to passion and take in all functions for CSIT responsibility for our actions.

Social & public impact

As a social sports organization, we contribute through our offers to the development of the common good of our society. That means, we stand especially for non-discrimination, gen- der quality and solidarity.

Social Mission


10th May 1913

In it's earliest form, CSIT was founded on 10th May 1913 in Ghent, Belgium on the basis of the historic labour movement. Even then CSIT's highest values were equality and solidarity in sports. During and after the World Wars CSIT was reestablished two times on the 14th September 1920 in Luzern, Switzerland and on 30th May 1946 in Brussels, Belgium with the name Comité Sportif International du Travail.

1913 - Workers Olympiad Vienna


Since 1973 CSIT is member of GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federations ) and has been recognized by the IOC on October 31st, 1986 as you can read in the following. To read the whole official letter.

1973 - IOC + GAISF


In the early 2010s CSIT reoriented itself and aimed for some fundamental changes. In 2011 the Congress in Rio de Janeiro decided to open the CSIT to all amateur sportspeople. Simultaneously, the naming of the association has been extended to International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation / Confédération Sportive Internationale Travailliste et Amateur.

2010 - Congress Rio


2013 marked the 100th Anniversary of CSIT which was greatly celebrated in the founding city Ghent as well as in Brussels. The extraordinary Festschrift-Book in honour of 100 years of CSIT by Editor CSIT Honor. President Prof. Kalevi Olin under the presidency of Harald Bauer can be read and downloaded for free in English and French.

2013 - 100 years CSIT