Senior Sports

Sports for Seniors (55+)

To get more seniors involved in CSIT's activities, the CSIT ExCom decided in 2022 to follow a new strategy, where work is also being done to give seniors the opportunity to compete in championships, including in CSIT WSG.

In all its simplicity, the start-up strategy involves working in two pillars, where there is a distinction between non-competitive sports/exercise and competitive sports.

This is also to have clarity about who organizationally takes care of what.

Pillar 1: CSIT Physical activity for seniors 55 +

Continue with special CSIT WSG senior program by the Working Group

  • The World Sports Games must be an activity/event for this target group in which they find that appealing activity that makes them decide to make it an attractive/sporty holiday. It must be clear in advance what the target group can expect before they sign up for the WSG.

Continue with formation courses by the Working Group

  • New kind of activities and sports for seniors show up continuously and why not provide inspiration from each other to bring back home for the benefit to seniors in our own country?

    The number of seniors is growing, and they often want to be physical active, and they want new offers. The formation courses will provide the participants with new ideas and skills.

Target group: Anyone, who would like to gain international inspiration as an organiser or instructor on physical activities for seniors.

Instructors will come from CSIT member unions with knowledge and experience with Physical activities for seniors.

Contents will be collected among some of the member unions and the program will be decided by the working group. The program will include both indoor and outdoor activities.

Pillar 2: CSIT Sports for seniors

  • The objective is to offer competitions/championships during the WSG and in the single championships in different sports suitable for seniors or sports where the game has been changed or modified so that seniors can play.

The World Sports Games must offer competitions for seniors who want to compete (in contrast to the program for “physical activity for seniors 55 +). It must be clear in advance what the target group can expect before they sign up for the WSG. For example, it might be difficult to have to many age categories and it might be necessary to combine some.

All TC’s must analyze where age categories for seniors are possible and integrate this in their programs and regulations for the championships in general.