Tennis meets American Football

Danish hall of fame member plays Tennis at Club Circolino in Cesenatico

The team competitions of the VII World Sports Games’ tennis tournament in the Emilia Romagna region are entering the decisive phase. Traditionally excellently organised by technical director Harald Burghart, every point is being fought for with great enthusiasm at the Club Circolino. But the star of the veteran tournament comes from a completely different sport, which is part of the WSG program for the first time as a partner sport: Jens Fraek from Copenhagen has his place in the Hall of Fame, namely in American football in his home country.

The 58-year-old lighting technician has transferred his professional ambition into his hobby sport. "I only started playing tennis ten years ago," he says. The reason for the late start: "I played football until I was 47." The position of the Danish football star was wide receiver. Towards the end of his career, he was a playing coach. He quickly puts away minor injuries after a long career in top sports: "Also with the help of the chiropractors who do a great job for CSIT here." And with a lot of tape around his leg.

The tennis tournament - this time at the idyllically located home club of CSIT President Bruno Molea in Cesenatico - is, as always, one of the highlights of the World Sports Games. Does Jens also want to compete in American football? "No, those days are definitely over!"

8. September 2023 / WSG News

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