Sport for seniors works like a fountain of youth

Socialisation, networking, bridge building and fun

Once again, the senior competitions at the CSIT World Sports Games were a great success. "An instructor demonstrates the exercises," explains Sports Director Poul Sölvstein from Denmark, "and the participants copy them. Competition doesn't play a role here. It's about socialisation and fun."

The 35 participants (30 athletes and 5 instructors) from the five CSIT member associations from Denmark, France, Estonia, Finland and Austria are connected via Facebook. Not only do the exercises take place via chat rooms, but also courses for senior sports instructors. "It is not only in Denmark that older people are often very lonely,“ says Poul Sölvstein. "Physical activities bring these people together and act like a fountain of youth." The entertainment after the courses is at least as important. "That's what we call our third half of the game."

Peter from the Austrian CSIT organisation ASKÖ explains the development: "Before the 2019 Games in Tortosa, there were senior competitions per sport in many sports, but no matter where: the number of participants was limited." The current model will bring many people back to sport. "Not only that, but young people - for example, after serious surgeries - are also being recruited." There is no fear of contact between old and young within the senior sport movement. “On the contrary, we build bridges."



10. September 2023 / WSG News

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