Seniors Formation Course 2024

CSIT is organizing a course for Physical activities for seniors in June in Austria 

It’s a pleasure for the CSIT working group ”Physical activity for seniors 55+” under leadership of the new CSIT Vice President Birthe Henriksen and ASKÖ Austria to invite interested persons and groups to participate in a formation course from 14. to 16. June 2024 in Maria Enzersdorf (Austria). The course is set up for Anyone, who would like to gain international inspiration as an organizer or instructor on physical activities for seniors.

Background and purpose
Scientists have found out, that no matter how old or weak people have become, they are still trainable. This means that they are able to adapt and respond to physical training in a positive way – very much like any other age group. Participation in a regular exercise program is an effective way to reduce or prevent a number of functional declines associated with aging. For many reasons formation is a crucial choice for all offering activities for seniors. We have extensive experiences and knowledge in some of the member organisations of CSIT and the formation course is a great opportunity to provide inspiration for new activities and to offer “tools” for planning activities for seniors.
Important for an ageing society
Senior sports (+55) have never been more important than now. All over the world, the population is getting older, and more and more people want to stay active throughout their lives. However, there continues to be few opportunities and offers for those who want to continue or start a sporting life in many countries. There is a need for important organizations such as CSIT to ensure that good ideas are collected, that athletes from all over the world can gather, and to offer a forum where the many good stories about senior sports can be told.
Registration and Information copy

Since the number of places is limited to about 25 persons, it must be emphasised that the organisation may limit the number of participants from each union. The calculated minimum of participants are 20 persons. Confirmation for participation and information about the final program after 10th April 2024.

Birthe Henriksen
Newly elected CSIT Vice President Sport for All & Sport for Elderly People
“I have an ambition that CSIT should both support senior sports (+55) for the most skilled in the classical sports as well as for those who may have just started their sporting life. We must include everyone – regardless of age and shape because that is also what defines amateur sports. I will do my part to ensure that CSIT is a central platform for the dissemination of new initiatives and sports for the senior target group - both for instructors and participants.”

22. february 2024 / CSIT News

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