"ICSBF - International Catch'n Serve Ball Sports Federation"

A New World Federation for equality in sport founded under the auspices of the CSIT

At the 45th CSIT Congress in Barcelona, the new world sports federation "ICSBF - International Catch'n Serve Ball Sports Federation" was already presented internally and announced by CSIT President Bruno Molea in his inaugural speech following his re-election. Now the official launch of ICSBF has taken place. A worldwide sports umbrella organisation with a democratic structure that is aimed at all those who have already played the sport of Cachibol, which originated in South America, or who want to start playing "Catch'n Serve Ball".

The claim "Play, catch, connect for equality in sport!" is also intended to appeal to new target groups. Serve doesn't just mean serving the ball and playing on, but also using this sport to support those groups in the countries that are needed for equality in sport. These are important measures that Bruno Molea and his new team at the CSIT have planned for the near future.

ICSBF was founded by CSIT, AICS (Italy), TUL (Finland), HLA (Croatia), Mamanet Austria and Mamanet Italy. The association is based at the Maison du Sport International, Avenue de Rhodanie 54, in Lausanne, Switzerland. All national Catch'n Serve ball sports associations and all sports associations that practise this sport are or can become members.

ICSBF aims to promote and develop the sport of Catch'n Serve Ball and access to team sports, in particular Catch'n Serve Ball. An easily accessible team sport in which the ball is caught and thrown over the net to the opponent. The new federation is also primarily aimed at promoting equality in sport.

16. November 2023 / CSIT News

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