Former Austrian Head Coach is New CSIT Wrestling Chairman

The Austrian from the city of Leonding succeeds Mikka Vuori of Finland

Peter Kosmata, 65, is the new wrestling chairman of the CSIT. The Austrian from the city of Leonding succeeds Mikka Vuori of Finland at the 2023 World Sports Games in the Emilia Romagna region. "The challenge is great," knows the former head coach of the Austrian national team. The main reason: "We are more affected by the visa issue than other sports." CSIT President Bruno Molea explains the background to this situation: „120 Iranian athletes wanted to apply for a visa for Italy. Only 60 got an appointment at all. A visa was then approved for 45."

As a result, the field of wrestlers in particular is "manageable", as Peter Kosmata puts it to the point. The disciplines are Greco-Roman and beach wrestling. For all his objectivity as chairman, he will keep an eye on one particular athlete: "Jakob, one of my four sons, is one of the participants." And fortune was on the side of the Kosmata family: On Friday Jakob won the final of the -77 kilo category in the Accademia Acrobatica in Cesenatico. Peter says he himself has never stepped on the mat with his son in a serious fight. “But of course I am very happy that he has copied me” Explanation: “ In 1988 in Graz I was CSIT champion."

Peter Kosmata, member of the strong CSIT partner organisation ASKÖ, describes his international successes during his 12-year active career as "not very exciting". The reason for this has a name: Franz Pitschmann was an exceptional Austrian athlete and fought in his weight class. "There was no way around him for me." Nevertheless, Peter’s passion for wrestling gave him a remarkable career: machinist > sports teacher > sports masseur > head of a police sports performance centre > graduated in sports science > national coach. "My home is a judo stronghold too, but I have always lived for my sport."

7. September 2023 / WSG News

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