CSIT Sports Forum - Sport Impacts All

The CSIT Sport Forum has been a fixed part of the annual CSIT Congress for years

This year, "Sport Impacts All" was held at the INEFC Sports University in Barcelona. The motto of the fourth edition was "Popular Sport as a tool for Change" - "From School-Age Sports to Sports for Everyone". The event was hosted by the Catalan CSIT member association UCEC with President Jaume Domingo, who also gave the opening speech, together with Anna Caula, Secretary General of Sport in Catalonia and CSIT President Bruno Molea. Just as traditional as the sports format is the presentation of the EU co-funded projects that CSIT has been successfully realising for years in a wide variety of areas. This year's projects were "SGS - Sport for all Gender and Sexualities", an important topic that is becoming increasingly important in sport, and "e-YouACA E-learning", an online course for management in grassroots sports.

10. November 2023 / CSIT News

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