CSIT Partnership with HLA for Youth Camps

For the first time a partner organisation implements an EU project under the supervision of CSIT

CSIT and its Croatian member organisation HLA Health Life Academy have signed a far-reaching contract for the organisation and implementation of EU co-financed international youth camps during the CSIT World Sport Games in Cervia. CSIT already has many years of experience with youth camps and is available to HLA with its know-how as an umbrella organisation. In return, HLA undertook to comply with CSIT standards and will seek an amicable and joint solution to all issues related to the implementation of the project. 

Since 2018 CSIT projecting office, under the lead of Mrs Valerina Gherardini and Vice President and Coordinator of CSIT Youth & Young Leaders Activities, Mrs Anu Rajajarvi, established the Youth Academy of Grassroots sports organisations, by involving youngsters coming from CSIT members. Four editions of EU co-funded projects were developed, thus enabling CSIT and several CSIT members to develop skills on sports management on grassroots sport the of young adults in many EU Countries in the perspective of a new generation of sports managers and executives.

In 2022 CSIT projecting office established the CSIT working group on EU projects, whose members were appointed by several CSIT members. The aim of the working group is to enlarge the capacity of the partnership CSIT - CSIT members to organise international Youth Sports Camp as a service to provide to young associates in Europe, by designing, preparing and submitting project proposals to National Agencies of the European Commission where CSIT members are based.

HLA team agreed to be the first CSIT member to submit to its National Agency a project proposal of the Youth International Sports Camp, under the supervision of CSIT projecting office for the design, preparation and submission of the application. The application of the “International Youth Sports Camp”, submitted by HLA team, was ultimately approved by Croatia national agency AMPEU in May 2023.






7. September 2023 / WSG News

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