CSIT in Tunisia

Bruno Molea and Valeria Gherardini deepen contacts with Africa

CSIT President Bruno Molea, and Presidents' Office Director Valeria Gherardini visit Tunisia at the invitation of CSIT Tunisian member association ONCST. The invitation came from ONCST President Mounir Smida, who organized a visit and an appointment at the Ministry of Sports and Youth Policy in Tunis. On Saturday, the ONCST electoral congress will be held in Hammamet, opened by Bruno Molea. Also present will be representatives of some CSIT member associations. From France is Veronique Fatier (FSGT), from Algeria Abdelkrim Chouchaoui (FAST) and from Belgium Georges Michel (AFSTB).

The visit of CSIT is also meant as an appreciation to ONCST, for their commitment at the international level. Especially for the coordination of the CSIT TC-Pétanque and also for all the athletes who, with the support of President Mounir Smida, regularly participate in CSIT sporting events, thus enjoying the friendship within the CSIT family.

27. october 2023 / CSIT News

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