CSIT and Loutraki have signed the contract for WSG 2025

The CSIT World Sports Games 2025 in Greece are thus on their way

CSIT President Bruno Molea and Giorgios Gkionis, the Mayor of Loutraki (GRE) signed on the first day of the CSIT ExCom meeting in Greece the cooperation agreement for the 8th CSIT World Sports Games 2025. The meeting took place on Thursday in Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Loutraki won the bid for the 2025 Games in an elimination against South Korea.

Bruno Molea in his speech:
"It is a pleasure to be here in Olympia, the old site of the Olympic Games. This site is important to testimony how much sport is a good vehicle of peace in the world and today more than in the past we must work to build peace. I can't forget in this moment the terribile situation the ucraine population is leaving under the Russian bombs.
Today we are here because greek CSIT member HOCSH decided to apply to host the CSIT World Sports Games. WSG represent a very inportant moment of competition, fun and social inclusion of the 50 members of CSIT coming from all over the world. The amateur sport competition gives an opportunity to live an experience of friendship through sport. The WSG do not represent only sport, they are an opportunity to do tourism in a country.
After an hard competition between Loutraki and Busan (South Korea), the CSIT ExCom decided to give Loutraki the opportunity to host the WSG 2025. It was not easy to undertake this decision because on one hand we had the opportunity to create relationships in Asia and on the other hand we had the application of the CSIT member HOCSH, that was in line with the vision and philosophy of CSIT.
I am sure we will have a good edition of WSG but I am sure we can also have a good opportunity to do tourism in the great country of Greece. And I am sure that our athletes, when they will come back home will bring good memories of your city and will be the first promoter of your country. Thank you again, friends, and thank you Mr. Mayor to become the co-host with HOCSH of our WSG 2025. You represent the guarrancy for our athletes to experience a splendid edition of WSG in 2025.
Finally I would like to invite you to participate in September at the WSG in Cerviy in Italy. Especially for the ceremony of the CSIT flag. AICS will be the host of the edition in 2023. During the closing ceremony on 9th of September Maurizio Toccafondi will give the CSIT flag into your hands that you bring it to Loutraki and start the preparation of the next edition of the Games."

24. march 2023 / WSG News

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