Bruno Molea confirmed as CSIT President

CSIT ExCom was re-organised - more women than men for the first time

The 45th CSIT Congress in Barcelona was also organised as an election congress. CSIT President Bruno Molea (AICS Italy) was re-elected for his second term of office of another four years with an absolute majority of 100 per cent of the members present and entitled to vote. However, the composition of the CSIT ExCom is new. With Desislava Yagodin (Bulgaria), Yoram Arnstein (Israel) and Palle Thomsen (Denmark), three members have left the committee and are no longer available. The Congress elected the new ExCom and thus also the eight Vice-Presidents as follows: Mr Christian Vifian (SATUS Switzerland), Mrs Anu Rajajärvi (TUL Finland), Mr Georges Michel (AFSTB Belgium), Mr Thomas Zacharias (ASKÖ Austria), Mrs Patricia Illa i Borge (UCEC Spain-Catalonia), Mrs Veronique Fratier (FSGT France), Mrs Birthe Henriksen (DAI Denmark), Mrs Kineret Tzedef (HAPOEL Israel). 

Molea, 68, took over as CSIT President from Harald Bauer in 2016 and is now entering his second full term of office. In the 110-year history of the CSIT, he is the first Italian to head the world amateur sports federation. Under his presidency, the opening up of inclusive sport, gender policy and green events will be promoted. In addition, the Italian is planning to expand the games and thus further increase the size of the association on all continents. The CSIT currently has 80+ member associations in 63 nations and over 230 million individual members worldwide.

"I am honoured by the result, especially after the CSIT World Sports Games that took place in Cervia (Italy) this year, just a few months after the terrible floods in May last year," said Molea. "The CSIT, which was founded as a sports organisation for workers, has expanded its scope in recent years to include amateur sport in a fully inclusive key. We have extended participation in the World Sports Games to people with disabilities, we have invested in training projects for future sports managers, we are introducing a research and equality policy and investing in a policy of environmental sustainability, and the Italian edition of our World Sports Games was the first to be completely "green".

Molea also wants to work on driving participation in the CSIT, particularly outside Europe. "With my team of managers, sports technicians and design consultants, we will now try to spread international sporting events more widely and strengthen our "ambassadors" in America, Africa and Asia. For us, greater participation means more sport for all. And sport for all can be a balm on wounds, especially in countries in crisis, and promote the psychosocial well-being of individuals and communities."

Among the reforms announced in the re-elected President's keynote speech is the expansion of the CSIT World Sports Games, which currently take place every two years. Bruno Molea wants to triple the number of CSIT events by organising continental sports games every two years. This is intended to circumvent the recurring visa problems that restrict many members' participation in the WSG. In addition, Mediterranean Sports Games are to be held every two years and will be dedicated to the inclusion of all genders. Bruno Molea wants to organise the World Sports Games every four years, just like the Olympic Games.

10. November 2023 / CSIT News

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