ASKÖ Austria is the big winner in Oulu

Team ASKÖ from Austria dominated the CSIT Single Championships Swimming in Oulu with totally 150 medals, 77 in Gold

227 athletes from seven nations, 10 TUL staff members and 50 volunteers from the local region led by TUL Sports Director Antti Kempas gave their all for four perfect days in Oulu and many weeks and months before to make the CSIT Singles Championships Swimming a complete success. The great efforts paid off. The athletes were absolutely satisfied, the schedule was perfect, the accommodations superb and the food excellent. The fourth CSIT Championships 2022 have come to an end and will be remembered in the best way. The next big CSIT event will be the World Sport Games in Rome in 2023.


Super performances - ASKÖ wins ahead of AICS and NCL
The ladies and men of the participating associations ACSI (Italy), AICS (Italy), ASKÖ (Austria), FAWSI (Iran), FROS (Belgium), HAPOEL (Israel), NCS (Netherlands) and TUL (Finland) showed partly very good performances on a high amateur level. Many were able to secure the gold medal several times. The most successful of all participants was the Austrian Daniel Scharrer (ASKÖ) with seven gold medals. Roel Rademaker (NCS) won six golds, Carlo Ciurlia and Riccardo Ravaioli (both AICS) five golds each. In the women's event, Austria's Laura Kurzewski (ASKÖ) was the most successful with six golds. Sara Laukanan, Roosa Kärkkainen (both TUL) and Ditte Claeys (FROS) won three times each five golds. The most successful federation in Oulu was ASKÖ Austria with 150 medals (77 gold, 44 silver, 29 bronze) ahead of TUL Finland with 82 medals (27/26/29) and AICS Italy with 79 medals (21, 30, 28).

Medals in Total - FINAL LIST

All pictures by ©Henri Lumoa

27. August 2022 / CSIT News

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