Duration: January to December 2024
Program: Erasmus+

Youth Camps for all

Following the outcomes of YOULead, a previous edition of innovative educational program YOUAca program, as well as the establishment of the working group for youth camps within CSIT, the project is aimed to organize youth sports camps for young people aged 14 to 19 with the following objectives:

  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles for all
  • Gender balance in multi-sports activities
  • Increase of youth participation in sports



    YOUCamp Project Activities

    YOUCamp is aimed at recruiting 30 young individuals between the ages of 14 to 19 who are actively involved in sports. These participants will be selected to attend the national camp organized by their respective organizations.

    Camp objectives:

    Promoting Gender Equality: YOUCamp promotes gender equality in sports by organizing mixed-gender teams for various activities.

    Innovative Sport Activities: Participants will engage in three sports activities based on international needs analysis, followed by the design and practice of two innovative sport activities:

    • An outdoor discipline promoting environmental sustainability and sustainable movement.
    • Traditional games suitable for all ages.

    Regulations and Guidelines for innovative sports activities: All camp participants will draft regulations ensuring fairness and inclusivity in the innovative sport activities, covering aspects such as team composition, participant requirements, field specifications, variations, duration, penalties, and scoring.

    Empowering Youth Participation: YOUCamp encourages active involvement from participants in organizing sports activities. Supported by intergenerational teams at the local level, participants collaborate to shape the camp experience themselves.