WSG 2023 - official mascot presented

The pink flamingo, one of Cervia's iconic beauties, was presented as Mascot to CSIT during the ExCom meeting in Olympia, Greece

A cute pink flamingo, dressed in the CSIT t-shirt and standing out against a blue horizon - the official colour of AiCS: the elegant animal symbol of the Cervia salt-pans will be the official mascot of the CSIT World Sports Games 2023, held in Cervia (ITA), Emilia Romagna, from 5 to 10 September, hosted by AiCS.

The Games will be officially presented to the territory immediately after Easter. In the meantime the organisation goes ahead and involves several partners. The World Sports Games are in fact organised by AiCS with the collaboration of ACSI, the Emilia Romagna Region and the Municipality of Cervia. Also sponsoring the initiative are the municipalities of Cesena, Cesenatico, Ravenna, Forlì, Misano Adriatico and Riccione, where the sports competitions will be held.

The official mascot, together with the progress of the work, was presented to CSIT during the ExCom Meeting on 25 March in Olympia, Greece, by the organising committee of the 'Emilioc' Games, represented by AiCS deputy vice president Maurizio Toccafondi and WSG general manager Fabio Neroni. In Greece - whose municipality Lutraki has just been awarded the 2025 edition of the Games - the CSIT executive committee met over the weekend of 24-26 March.

25. march 2023 / WSG News