Panathlon International Award for Avi Sagi

Panathlon International awards Avi Sagi with PI Order of Honour

PI is a long-standing partner of CSIT, which awards deserving individuals from the world of sports with high medals during the CSIT World Sports Games. During WSG2023 in Cervia, this order was awarded to Israeli Avi Sagi. Among all the activities Avi Sagi has dedicated himself to during his long career in the service of sport, Panathlon International wanted to highlight his efforts to unite people through sport, one of Panathlon International's main objectives.

"Avi Sagi has shown a universalist vision of sport in a politically divided world with his efforts to include athletes from all countries," said PI President Pierre Zappelli. "Avi demonstrated this by creating an Israeli delegation that included Palestinian athletes. He worked to get Iranian athletes admitted to the CSIT World Sports Games, and he was instrumental in facilitating the granting of visas and, thus, the arrival of athletes from India and some African countries. It is these remarkable qualities that we wish to pay tribute to today."

Avi initiated the inclusion of Iranians as members of the CSIT and is still working to strengthen ties with South and Central American countries. In addition, Avi was one of the organisers of the 2016 CSIT Excom Conference in Havana, Cuba. He initiated the reception of athletes from delegations of South American countries, including Brazil, led by Rui Campos. He also assists in obtaining visas for organisations from Africa and India that have difficulty in obtaining them. Avi was also awarded the "HAPOEL" prize for his activities in 2012.

10. September 2023 / WSG News