"Golden fingers" help many athletes

29 chriropractors have their hands full

Rainer Wieser is one of the 29 chiropractors on duty as a partner organisation during the VII CSIT World Sports Games. "Our hands can clean up minor injuries and provide relief for more serious deformities," explains the 58-year-old from Munich. 

Under the direction of the US-American Dr. Tim Ray, the team in all venues is as enthusiastic as the athletes. Rainer Wieser has worked for the star football club Bayern Munich and at the Olympic Games (London 2012). "My fingers have already helped some prominent sportsmen," he says. He only wants to name a few names for reasons of data protection. "I was able to help the star striker Robbie Fowler and the multiple Olympic luge champion Georg Hackl a lot with my skills." 

But Rainer Wieser, who has continuously developed his craft (USA, England, Sweden, etc.), is also enthusiastic about the chiropractic level of all his colleagues. "Our services are being accepted by more and more athletes. We literally have our hands full. And the feedback is consistently positive."

8. September 2023 / WSG News