Duration:  from Dec 2022 to May 2024 
Granting authority: European Education and Culture Executive Agency


The EU Mamanet project is a noble initiative aimed at empowering women and promoting gender equality in sports. It seeks to achieve this by engaging women who are willing to join the Mamanet movement into the European Mamanet Festival 2023. This festival is a non-profit, EU-wide sports event scheduled to take place in Cervia, Italy, from the 5th to the 10th of September 2023, as part of the CSIT World Sports Games.


The Mamanet movement is an innovative model that seeks to change the existing status of women in the field of sports. Its primary tool for achieving this is to involve more women in the world of grassroots sport. To this end, the EU Mamanet project aims to develop and embrace the Mamanet movement in countries where it already exists, as well as create such a movement in countries where it is still new.

The European Mamanet Festival 2023 is the perfect platform for achieving the project's objectives. By bringing together women from different parts of Europe to participate in the festival, the project aims to promote gender equality in sports and encourage more women to get involved in grassroots sports. The festival promises to be a fun-filled event that will showcase the talents and skills of women in sports while providing a forum for networking and exchange of ideas.

In conclusion, the EU Mamanet project is an important initiative that seeks to address gender inequality in sports. Through its innovative approach, the project aims to empower women and promote the Mamanet movement across Europe. The European Mamanet Festival 2023 is a crucial component of this project and promises to be a memorable event that will leave a lasting impact on the world of sports.


AiCS (Italy)


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In addition to the existing partners, the EU Mamanet project aims to engage 14 more associate partners during the project's running time. This expansion provides an opportunity for European organizations that are passionate about promoting gender equality in sports to be part of the Mamanet movement. The application process is now open to all organizations that are willing to join CSIT in developing the Mamanet movement in their country or create it from scratch. This approach will enable the Mamanet movement to grow and reach more women across Europe, ultimately contributing to the goal of achieving gender equality in sports. Therefore, interested organizations are encouraged to apply and become a part of this initiative.