World Sports Games 2025 in Greece

The CSIT ExCom has chosen Loutraki as the venue for the CSIT World Sports Games 2025.

With the cities of Loutraki in Greece and Busan in South Korea, CSIT had two very strong and attractive candidates to host the CSIT World Sports Games 2025. Both candidates had to go through an intensive review process by the CSIT ExCom and were able to present themselves once again to the entire CSIT community and members at the last CSIT Congress in Rome. After a thorough examination of the documents and weighing up all the pros and cons, the CSIT ExCom entrusted the Greek metropolis of Loutraki with hosting the CSIT WSG 2025. Busan remains in the running for CSIT World Sport Games and wants to apply again for future CSIT Games. CSIT President Bruno Molea: „After a long and friendly discussion, the CSIT Executive Committee has decided to award the CSIT World Sports Games 2025 to Loutraki, because this candidature was more in line with the philosophy of the CSIT.”

WSG for the first time in Greece
The Greek region of Loutraki-Perachora-Agioi Theodoroi together with the CSIT member association HOCSH - Hellenic Organization for Company Sport & Health and its highly experienced and dedicated team proofed to guarantee the high quality of the CSIT WSG and the related satisfaction of the participants in a very privileged sports destination. It is the first time that CSIT World Sports Games are held in Greece, one of the most famous tourism, cultural and sports destinations in the world.

Between Athens and Olympia 
Loutraki-Perachora-Agioi Theodoroi is a region in Corinth, at the entrance to the Peloponnese, on the way between Athens and the ancient city of Olympia. The centre is the town of Loutraki, founded in 1934. The municipality covers an area of 293.2 km and has 21,200 inhabitants. In summer, the population rises up to 60,000. The inhabitants are mainly engaged in the tourism industry, but at the same time also in the developing light industry, handicrafts and agriculture.

Perfect transport links to Athens
Loutraki is connected by road and rail to the Greek capital Athens, 80 km away, and by road, rail and sea to the country's main ports in Piraeus and Patra. The city is a worldwide destination for sports travel and events, with a recognised diversity and quality in the organisation of major cultural and sporting events. The city and its surroundings host interesting sporting events throughout the year with great success, as well as various European and national championships.

Blue Flag of Europe
The Loutraki-Perachora-Agioi Theodoroi region is world famous for its beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea. Since 1987, the region has been repeatedly awarded the "Blue Flag of Europe" in environmental management for the benefit of tourism and the environment. Here the quality of the bathing water, the environmental information, the environmental management, the organisation of the beach and the services provided are right.

Experienced tourism region
The municipality attaches particular importance to the organisation of major sports events in order to develop sports and health tourism and attract visitors and groups interested in this form of tourism. The Loutraki Tourism Organisation is the official destination management organisation of the municipality that promotes the tourism product of Loutraki.

HOCSH - Hellenic Organization for Company Sport & Health
The Hellenic Organization for Company Sport and Health (HOCSH) is undoubtedly capable of effectively organising a major event such as the CSIT World Sports Games and hosting competitions in all official CSIT sports in Loutraki. With the exception of skating and mini golf, these two would be organised in Athens. HOCSH is a non-profit organisation that has been run by a volunteer board since 2011. All board members have proven experience in leading large sporting and recreational activities and events and share the same vision of the importance of a healthier lifestyle.

Same values and goals as CSIT
HOCSH's mission is clearly defined. As a
Νοn-profit organisation, it aims to bring together workersand amateur sports organisations, other non-governmental organisations, companies and society. The focus is on social exchange and improving health through sport and leisure activities within a company and through sport for all. Ideal conditions for a CSIT event.

Youth and family programs
In addition, HOCSH aims to promote an active lifestyle among the family members of its employees, especially the youth, in order to cultivate the culture of sports and increase health awareness among future generations. HOCSH is the authorised Greek member of CSIT and works under their auspices to facilitate the participation of Greek corporate teams in international sporting events.

Sports Spirit and Fair Play
This is another area where the ideals of HOCSH and CSIT meet. The concept of sports spirit and fair play is synonymous with Hellenic heritage and has been deeply embedded in the national consciousness since ancient times. A great vision is to create a platform where such initiatives by companies and organisations can flourish, spread and thus contribute significantly to the further development of sports culture. HOCSH is deeply inspired by the work of CSIT in mobilising youth, workers and amateur individuals to lead active, sociable and healthy lifestyles. Hence the motivation to apply for CSIT World Sports Games.

7. february 2023 / WSG News

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