Mamanet - Every mother can

In just a few years, a small initiative in Israel has become a now global application that has captivated thousands of women around the world. 

“Mamanet - Every Mother Can!” Not only has Mamanet grown enormously in terms of sport, the movement is also hugely important socially and enables women to reconnect in society. In times of large refugee flows around the world, Mamanet plays an important role in integrating women into the society of their new homeland. CSIT gives Mamanet the necessary global stage and acts as a protective umbrella for the movement. The large number of almost 30 teams in Cervia confirms the great importance and necessity. One team even travelled to Cervia from the USA (New Jersey) to join these Singles Championships.  Congratulations to the first three teams from Israel (Pioneer 1), USA (Wild Tigers) and Austria (ASKÖ Hirm), but in particular to all mothers participating. “You were great!”

So many countries of the Mamanet movement were present, the perfect perfect platform to hold an international workshop with the objective of further developing Mamanet and to raise awarenes to the stakeholders and opinionleaders of our member unions. Founder of Mamanet and President of Mamanet International Ofra Abramovich was delighted with the platform provided to this movement and the outcome of this workshop.


1. September 2022 / Partner News

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