Let the games begin!

This weekend, the CSIT Individual Swimming Championships are scheduled in Oulu (FIN).

Finland is the meeting point of the CSIT swimming family this weekend. 250 participants from 7 nations will compete at the 4th CSIT Individual Championships 2022 in Oulu (FIN) on Friday and Saturday. The venue will be the Oulu Swimming Hall (Oulun Uimahalli) with a 50-meter competition pool. The opening ceremony will take place on August 26, competition days are August 26 and 27. Thursday was the day of arrival. The delegations moved into their quarters and had their first training sessions in the competition pool already in the afternoon. Thursday afternoon was also the meeting of the TCs, where the rules and standards for the event were discussed and set once again.

In the afternoon, the chairman of the Oulu City Council, former Olympian (Los Angeles 1984) Juha Hänninen, invited the CSIT officials and all delegation leaders of the participating nation to a welcome party in the official building of the northernmost metropolis in Europe. In his opening speech, he was very pleased that the CSIT and organizer TUL had chosen his city as the venue: "Oulu is a sports metropolis and proud to welcome the CSIT family. We always strive to create perfect conditions and make our sports facilities available to the sports world. I wish everyone great days in Oulu and good luck at the Games."

Finnish CSIT Vice President Anu Rajajärvi expressed her gratitude for the hospitality on behalf of CSIT: "As a Finnish citizen, I am very proud that we can be here in this beautiful area, and I am happy that we have found a perfect partner for our competition in Oulu. I would also like to thank my organization TUL, who have done really great preparatory work so that we can experience a perfect competition here. The participants from Finland, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Israel and Iran will be well looked after and will certainly have fond memories of Oulu.

LIVE Stream and Entry Lists

The CSIT Swimming Single Championships in Oulu (FIN) are the last sporting event of the CSIT Family before the CSIT World Sports Games in Rome 2023. After the Championships in Beachsoccer, Mamanet and Gymnastics in Cervia (ITA), Swimming in Oulu is already the fourth CSIT sports event 2022. As in Cervia, there also will be a LIVE stream in Oulu for the event. In order to be up to date around the clock, there will also be an online dashboard where all results, the schedule and relevant information for teams can be accessed. All start and entry lists for the competition can be found online. Furthermore, take a look at the CSIT Download Centre to find all important documents.  

25. August 2022 / CSIT News

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