Italy wins 1st ICSBF Championship

The first international Catch'n Serve Ball tournament comes to a successful end

More than 100 participants from Croatia, Slovenia, USA, Finland, Italy, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Latvia took part in the 1st International Catch'n Serve Ball Tournament in Rovinj and had great days in Croatia. A perfectly organized tournament by HLA, many exciting games, nice side events and lived friendship. Victory went to Italy Pianeta Volley Aprilia, who defeated the Latvia Skabargas team in two sets in the final.

United Mixed Team!

At the Catch'n Serve Championships there was one very special thing (Picture). The United Mix Teams. United Mix are special teams for women all over the world who can come and join the competition. At the Croatian Championships in Rovinj, Catch'n Serve Ball 2024 managed to form two teams with players from the USA, Finland, Germany, Austria, Bosnia, Ukraine and Cyprus. United Mix Catch'n Serve Ball will always be and remain open to any woman or player who wants to join this unique, motivated, united and fun sport. Basically, anyone can participate through this platform, even if they don't have a team.

The ICSBF championship is open to members of CSIT and ICSBF and is organized in a spirit of fraternity, respect and peace. All sports federations and sports clubs that want to promote the sport together and share its values and objectives 100% are invited. The CSIT is one of the co-founders of this new international sport.

9. june 2024 / CSIT News

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