Former professional basketball player trains Catch'n Serve Ball

ICSBF President Sissi Speiser-Havel and Vice President Anu Rajajärvi visited Estonia

The world association ICSBF - Catch'n Serve Ball, which was founded just a few months ago, is currently on an invitation-only PR tour and is organizing seminars on the theory and practice of the sport, which is particularly popular among women. Eliisa Sokk, who comes from the CSIT Young Leaders Project, invited ICSBF President Sissi Speiser-Havel and CSIT and ICSBF Vice-President Anu Rajajärvi to Estonia as part of the tour to present Catch'n Serve in Tallinn.

Teachers, coaches, kindergarten teachers and former professional athletes such as former professional basketball player Howard Frier were trained as Catch'n Serve multipliers in theory and practice in a one-day seminar. They immediately applied what they had learned by playing with children at a sports camp at the Tallinna Nõmme Huvikool hobby school, for which they also received ICSBF certificates at the end. The kids, divided into two groups in the 7-10 and 10-13 age groups, had a lot of fun and ambition and challenged their newly qualified Catch'n Serve coaches to a mini tournament at the end.

The plan is to continue playing in Estonia in schools and kindergartens in the future, but above all to set up Catch'n Serve teams. The enthusiasm was so great that it may even be possible to spontaneously form a team from the seminar participants for the CSIT Catch'n Serve Single Championships 2024 in Rovinj (Croatia) in June.

The next Catch'n Serve Ball Seminar is planned for October in Athens (Greece) in order to spread the trend sport in another “new” country and to find and inspire new members and fans. If you are interested in Catch'n Serve Ball seminars, please contact the ICSBF Office

30. April 2024 / CSIT News

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