"Fiesta Mexicana" and "Saint Patrick's Day" in Forlì

Six nations dominated the athletics events

Friday had been a sporty "Saint Patrick's Day" at the Campo Schola Carlo Gotti in Forlì - a true Irish holiday: Four athletes from the Emerald Isle won their events: Jordan Knight in long jump (pictured left), Michelle Cashman in high jump (center) and David Williams in 1500 metre run (right), as well as Laura Kelly in the 200 metres. "A great day for us," the high jump winner rejoiced. "Now we are CSIT champions - this will last forever."

But there were also good reasons for the Mexican team to celebrate: in the women's 1500 metres there was a six-fold success! "For us, today is Fiesta Mexicana," Rocia Carrera Clemente shouted to her team colleagues at the award ceremony. French, Belgian, Austrian and Italian athletes were also able to celebrate their victories. The athletes from the six countries mentioned also dominated the track and field events of the VII CSIT World Sports Games.

9. September 2023 / WSG News

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