Catch'n Serve Ball Federation Board of Directors elected

General Assembly of the new International Catch'n Serve Ball Sports Federation elects the Board of Directors

The new International Catch'n Serve Ball Sports Federation (ICSBF) was founded a few weeks ago. Last week, the first ICSBF General Assembly was held, at which the new Board of Directors was elected and all important positions were filled. All membership applications were also adopted unanimously. A few more are still in the pipeline and are currently undergoing a review process. Further Membership Applications are accepted at any time. The New Website will go online soon. Elisabeth Speiser-Havel, Secretary General of Catch'n Serve Ball Austria, is President of the new organisation based in Lausanne (Switzerland).

The initiator of the new international organisation was CSIT President Bruno Molea, who presented the new organisation to the audience at the last CSIT Congress in Barcelona. Molea handed over all ICSBF agendas at the General Assembly and passed the baton to the new Board of Directors. ICSBF is now fully operational and will initiate the first organisational matters in the coming weeks. An important point at the General Assembly was the new ICSBF calendar of events, which will soon be published on the new website, as well as the 1st CSIT Championships of CnS-Ball from 5-9 June 2024 in Rovinj (Croatia).

Thanks to Bruno Molea

Elisabeth Speiser-Havel thanks Bruno Molea for his initiative and the power, he put in the founding of the new federation: „It's great that we now have the opportunity to open up our sport to other target groups, but we must never forget our original mission to achieve equality in sports. Catch'n Serve Ball must (still) promote women and mothers in order to set an example in society, as an role model for young people. In order to achieve all and more of this, we need to work together.“ She therefore asks to actively participate in working groups: „Together we can maximise the benefits in every aspect but never forget our values: To develop a sport professionally, to offer easy access to everyone but also to maintain fair play and fun even in competitions.“

Board of Directors

Mrs. Elisabeth Speiser-Havel / Catch’n Serve Ball Austria

Vice Presidents
Mr. Wolfgang Burghardt / CSIT / Finance & Legal
Mrs. Valeria Gheradini / AICS / Italy / Strategy & Marketing
Mrs. Monica Zibellini / Catch’ Serve Ball Italy/ Sport
Mr. Milan Cupic / HLA / Croatia / Promotion
Mrs. Anu Rajajärvi / TUL / Finland / Equality

Mrs. Anne Danenberg

Full Members
AICS Italy
TUL Finland 
HLA Croatia
Catch’n Serve Ball Austria 
Catch’n Serve Ball Italy 
Catch’n Serve Ball Federation Haiti

Associate Members
LTSA Latvia 
Hapoel Israel 
Club Omonia Cyprus 
CATCHBALL Sports Club Bulgaria 
UADŠS Slovenia 
Barleti University Albania 
FEMASTA Mali/Africa

17. february 2024 / CSIT News

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