Harald Bauer appointed honorary member of CSIT

CSIT President Bruno Molea presented former President Harald Bauer with honorary membership

At the beginning of the CSIT Congress in Barcelona, Harald Bauer accepted his appointment as a CSIT honorary member to great applause and a standing ovation from the congress delegates. The award came as a surprise to the Austrian but was a unanimous decision by the CSIT management team. Harald Bauer was President of the CSIT from October 2008 to November 2016, and under his leadership, the World Amateur Sports Federation has undergone enormous development. The change of name from the Workers' Sports Association to the Amateur Sports Association and thus the opening up to a much broader audience was also thanks to Harald Bauer, as were many necessary internal changes to processes and the relocation of the CSIT World Sports Games to odd-numbered years and thus to practically sport-free periods. "I am delighted to receive this award and consider it a great thank you for my many years of service. I was very ambitious and always delighted to hold the office of CSIT President, but then I had to hand it over to Bruno Molea due to private restructuring in my career. I will always be part of this great community and am very happy to be part of it, irregularly, but always."

10. November 2023 / CSIT News

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