Green Games – first green edition of the CSIT event

The CSIT World Sports Games 2023 will be the first truly green edition of the event

EMILIOC, in collaboration with AiCS Ambiente Aps, has taken several measures to combat plastic and promote environmental awareness among participants. Recyclable bottles will be provided in the welcome pack, which can be refilled at the sports facilities or hotels. This drastically reduces purchases of plastic water bottles. Participants will find waste collection bins at "Casa Italia" (the WSG2023 headquarters) and at Casa Italia by night. On 8 September, the waste collection competition “Rifiuthlon®” will be held on the beach of Cervia. All participants can win a T-shirt with the inscription #PlasticInvasionPrevention. As environmental protection and food are closely linked, and WSG2023 is an inclusive event, hotels with vegan menus will be highlighted. AICS will also measure the level of particulate pollution at the most frequented locations.

31. August 2023 / WSG News

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