ExCom meeting in Austria

Perfectly organized by the Austrian member association ASKÖ

The newly elected ExCom of the CSIT met for the third time from June 20 to 23. The meeting was held in one of the most beautiful regions of Austria, in southern Styria “Südsteiermark”, which is also known internationally as Austria's Tuscany. A wine-growing region on the border with Slovenia, which is known far beyond the borders of the nation as one of the most beautiful tourist regions in Europe.

The meeting was organized by the Austrian CSIT member ASKÖ under the patronage of ASKÖ President Hermann Krist and ASKÖ Vice-President Thomas Zacharias, who is also active in the CSIT ExCom and also holds the position of CSIT Vice-President of the International Amateur Sports Federation.

Almost the entire ExCom had traveled to southern Styria. Only the Israeli colleague attended the meeting via internet stream. One of the most important points at the start of the meeting was the report from Loutraki in Greece, which will host the 8th edition of the CSIT World Sports Games in 2025. The Loutraki Organizing Committee is headed by HOCSH President Nikos Kerasovitis and his colleague Konstantinos Bibicos.

The ExCom is very satisfied with the preparation process. The invitation for the WSG-2025 will be published soon. The next CSIT Congress will also take place in Loutraki so that CSIT members can get a first-hand impression of the event. Registration is open until July 31st!  There are also already plans for the WSG 2027 and some interested parties. Applications are still possible until the end of the year. 

The ExCom meeting also included several task force meetings on the further development of the WSG. Decisions on new memberships were also made. Associations from Serbia, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Croatia will be accepted as soon as the final application procedure has been completed. In general, there are still a few requests in the pipeline.

The South Styrian Wine Route was a perfect location for hosting the ExCom meeting. Special thanks once again go to ASKÖ and the team around Hermann Krist and Thomas Zacharias, who organized great days and were perfect hosts. At the gala dinner, social democrat Johannes Schwarz was also invited by ASKÖ, who is the SPÖ's parliamentary group chairman and a member of the Styrian parliament.

22. june 2024 / CSIT News

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