CSIT President Bruno Molea: "My Vision" 

Bruno Molea presented his vision for the future of the CSIT

A few hours before the opening ceremony of the 7th World Sports Games in the Emilia Romagna region (starting at 4:00 pm in the Rotondo della pace with the parade to Piazza Garibaldi, both in Cervia), CSIT President Bruno Molea presented his vision for the future. "We need to open up our games much more to all athletes." Specifically, as many trendy sports as possible that are well-received by young people must be included in the CSIT program. Also, all types of popular sports for people with special needs, seniors, and many other grassroot athletes need to be integrated even more. This will require the powerful creativity of all technical delegates.

But that is not enough: "Eighty percent of the participants come from Europe," Mister Molea analyzes the current situation. "That also needs to change fundamentally." Many African, Asian and Latin American nations are unable to send a team either because of visa issuance problems or the costs of overseas transfers. For the first time, the CSIT president is offering his vision in this regard to the public: For example, if African athletes can't travel to the Games, the Games will just have to come there." The plan is to hold the World Sports Games on a four-year cycle, with continental Games in every continent in the odd-numbered years in between. "Then the visa problem and the financial discrepancy problem would be at least partially solved."

At the beginning of the 7th WSG tennis tournament, Bruno Molea visited the Circolino club in Cesenatico, where he himself plays in his free time during the summer.

5. September 2023 / WSG News

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