CSIT in the Parliament of Catalonia

Catalonia's Parliament President Solà received the CSIT ExCom

It is thanks to UCEC President Jaume Domingo and his excellent contacts in Catalan business and politics that CSIT President Bruno Moela and the entire CSIT ExCom were personally received by Catalonia's Parliament President Anna Erra i Solà in the run-up to the congress in Barcelona. This is the third time that the CSIT has visited Catalonia. Twice with the CSIT Congress, in Barcelona in 2023 and in Tortosa in 2018, where the CSIT World Sports Games were also held in 2019. "Just as it is important for the CSIT to have good partners like the UCEC, it is also important for Catalonia to host strong world federations that hold their events in our region and are informed about our political situation. This can be conveyed very well, especially through sport," said Senora Solà in her statement. CSIT President Bruno Molea expressed his thanks to the audience and emphasized the importance of the partnership with Catalonia: "We have been in very close contact with UCEC for years and are very grateful for their great support. We are always happy to be guests here. UCEC is also a partner for one of my great visions, namely, to organize and hold the Mediterranean Games together. I hope that we can achieve this together."

10. November 2023 / CSIT News

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