Barcelona meets eYOUAca

The 2nd International Meeting of EU co-funded project eYOUAca took place in Barcelona, Spain in the last two days of January.

All of the project partners had a chance to meet each other in person for two meeting days with an extensive agenda to get updated on the current status of tasks and deliverables of the project according to defined work packages, as well as to discuss and align all the partners on the next steps and activities. Apart from the this, all participants had a chance to get acquainted with the city of Barcelona in the special quest-tour organized by UCEC, the host of the meeting.

The meeting days highlighted with the following events:

1. Proposal presentations of the 7 modules for future eYOUAca e-learning platform from project partners:

  • Project design by AiCS (Italy) 
  • Project management and business planning by Health Life Academy (Croatia) 
  • Hard skills and specific knowledge by CSIT 
  • Financial management by TUL (Finland)
  • Leadership skills by UCEC (Spain)
  • Communication skills by KALEV (Estonia)
  • Management of a sports event addressed to children by Carlo Collodi Foundation (Italy)

All of the presented proposals were followed by Q&A session and discussion by all the partners, and, of course, the feedback by EPSI and EurEthics, the project partners, responsible for evaluation and certification. Later in the meeting, the partner EPSI presented the evaluation plan of the eYOUAca project and its main outcome - the e-learning platform.

2. The presentation of a new designed eYOUAca website and the e-learning platform with all its features by the project partner AiCS. The website can be accessed here.

3. Group brainstorming and ideas interchange about the internship implementation, student preparation and post-evaluation as well as possible activities for children to organize during the events on the national level.

The next international meeting of eYOUAca project is planned to take place in Tallinn in the beginning of May.

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